Yesterday, I was eating a delicious macaroni salad at my friend’s house..
It contained macaroni, lettuce, and some unidentified chunks.. I was told that they are pieces of green apple when I asked..
I continued enjoying the salad.until,,,

my friend asked me: “do you like them?”

I said: “they are weird that’s all.. I’m still going to eat them!”

My friend: “it’s either you like them or you don’t!!”

Me: “ I don’t!”

And just after I stated that, I couldn’t stand to eat another chunk!

** Today’s advice : Somethings are better left unidentified!


The Button

How bad would it be to push this button?? I don’t think of it as a selfish gesture.. it’s just that with the ten million a person can help more than ten people to have better health or even better lives!
Sorry if it sounds evil.. but, I would choose to push the button if I had the chance!