The other Extreme

here I am back to normal life after I finished the NO FACE NO COMMUNICATION challange..

I loved experiencing it =D
And now I’m reading about this artist called Cristin Norine doing the other opposite..

Cristin is an artist and took a challenge upon herself to show how much we are attached to the new social media..

She decids to live in a glass room allowing anyone walking in the street to know the little details of her daily life..

She wants to prove how much these social networks like Facebook, Twitters, iChat expose our lives invade our privacy..

She is not to leave the room.. Not to interact directly to any human beings and not to use her phone to call anybody.. She is allowed to text and video chat..

Interesting experiment for a whole full month !

she bloggs everyday and reveals her ups and downs..

Here is the website for all her experience


Pure Art !

now here is what I call Fascinating ..



Tourism Camera

Photography competition entitled 'Tourism Awareness'.. and guess who won??? I DID :D

the prize was a Canon Camera along with a certificate
the winning photos will be displayed in 3 coming galleries all around Jordan..

tourism awareness

My Winning Photo:

It was taken in Petra where this tourist was offering the little girl a sandwich.. Pleasant little interaction..

The 20 winners:

The show room of the competition:

The First Place: by Suha Al-Kilani

Other entries: by Waleed Al-Basha

by Raed Olwan

facebook group
In the News:
The Jordan Times
العرب اليوم


حج مبرور

..عيد مبارك للجميع

.تقبل الله ممن أتم بنعمته فريضة الحج
.إهداء الى صديقتي لينا ملحم

Saudi Game

another brilliant animation.. hilarious =D

The Saudi virgin of Mortal Kombat


Interesting enough..another Illusion to swirl your head.
The colour Illusion is astonishing..only the background colour was changed.. Those red stripes changed the whole picture’s warmth..
I didn't believe it until I actually photoshoped it!

To see more Face Illusions


Excess بدل فائض

A short documentary film raising the awareness concerning the leftovers food..
this film was a part of the documentary film course in the German Jordanian University..

فيلم وثائقي قصير يتناول مشكلة التهاون بالفاذض من الطعام في محاولة للتدارك وزيادة الوعي..
هذا الفيلم جزء من مادة الافلام الوثائقية في الجامعة الالمانية الارردنية


No Communication Experience

The No Face No Communication Week:

"but one thing is for sure, how ever text communications lead the world, you won’t get the pleasure of speech, I mean original form of human interaction."
-- Srivathsan G.K

Now for the actual experience from this week:

There is no doubt that it was pretty hard to live without any far communication tool, in my case living far from family in a dorm without roommates was tricky, usually when I’m bored I would just pick up my phone and call anybody.. So, living without contact and plans was definitely tough.
No facebook meant no knowledge about the current events in the town which led to more isolated days..

Friends were mad and certainly –unlike me- were not willing to pay a visit to check on something or ask a question.. I even had some threats not to think about doing it again!

On the other hand,
I had more adventurous activities, spontaneous plans and better appointments.. It was not possible to cancel on a last minute on an appointment that I sat days ago. Therefore, I was forced to have better organized schedule..
No mobile phone meant a lifetime of comfort.. As my dad phrased it “ايش بابا..قررت تضربي العالم جزمة؟؟!”

No annoying phone calls nor distractions… just me and myself..
In this week, I also started reading in two books that I bought long ago.. I also changed my second homepage from facebook to Aljazeera news.. And I kept until now..
I had more free time to live with myself.. Make friends with the inner me.. And I must say that I enjoyed it and got a bit crazier to the outer world =)

The idea is to realize and prove to yourself that you could live without anything in your life.. to change your daily habits and find other approaches to solving problems..

The thing is, the world doesn’t expect nor accept a person who doesn’t use far communication tools.. Nowadays, all appointments are set over the phone.. Actually mobile phones are used to substitute calendars, watches, books, doorbells in my case, and sometimes even our memory.. we no longer tend to memorize, we just save a draft message or capture a photo..
I was the only one from my friends who completed my week.. one stopped after 2 days the other after 4 and my beloved friend Tala who suggested the whole idea stopped after 6 days therefore, she was punished by cooking me a delicious yalanji meal =D –which until now I didn’t receive –

I can fairly say that I enjoyed this week with all its ups and downs.. and I do recommend it for anybody seeking a change in his/her life..

And for now, I’ll be looking for a bigger harder Challenge ;)


New Chat Abbreviations

Baby steps on msn

Here I am chatting with my friend on msn.. and my niece (joud, five years old) comes running to me, shouting “I want to write to her”.. I welcome it as it should turn interesting.. and indeed that’s how it was..

She writes on the keyboard silently and I enter it for her.. then I ask what did you mean by that joud.
She reads her smartly abbreviated phrase I laught and then re-write it so my friend could share this laughter =)

We start off:
introducing herself:

Joud: joud5daniolb6
**consider thinking before you read the intended meaning**
>> joud 5 then I will be 6

Like all kids, her second priority is of course her parents’ names
then some winks and face

>> can u bring for saja a gift

Joud: ablos01midimtanuo
>> a blouse 10 medium thank you

My friend asks: "tell saja to bring me a gift"
Joud: otuwnt
>>wut u want?

she is now looking for any question.. so this is what she tought of:
Joud: what anmls et
>> wut animals eat?

Joud: wurulf
>> y r u laughing.

My Friend: "do you watch barny ?:
Joud: no i dont
(( I now taught her about spaces..)) This is the most fascinating part;
on paper when we start learning to write we measure a space with a finger..
so in her mind it should be just the same..
she writes ‘I’ then presses the spacebar.. but of course this is not enough so she places her finger on the screen and presses one more time and then another one and another.. but still it’s not enough, she gets bored pressing single spaces one at a time..
smiling & admiring her reaction.. I let her into the secret of the space rule.. “one is enough”!

“ilv uoy” Joud wrote before.. and now she wanted to state her love for both of us..
Joud: ilv uoyandsaja
Somehow, spontaneously innocently, she asks me if she could duplicate what she wrote minutes ago and place it again here..
I was just amazed by her question as much as of the human brain.. how could she recognize the copy and paste technique at this age??
I show her and she understands it easily and continues normally.. how silly of me to expect a surprised response !!

My Friend: "i want to go joud"
Joud: ora
Joud was devastated to know this fact.. she was nagging and asking me to convince my friend not to leave

Joud: wat amnt
>>wait a min
but my friend had already left..

I'm sad as Joud is for the end of this conversation..


آراء و أقلام

..بقلم وليد المزرعاوي

آراء و أقلام

بصمتك حتعلم ...

الإثنين, 25 تشرين الأول 2010
زاد الاردن - مجموعه رائعه من الشباب الأردني ما زالوا على مقاعد الدراسه الجامعيه التقيتهم مصادفه في منزل احد الأصدقاء يحملون هموم المواطن ويعملون جاهدين في المساعده على حل مشاكل بعض جيوب الفقر المنتشره هنا وهناك على تراب هذا الوطن الغالي وذلك بجهود فرديه وبعمل تطوعي خالص لوجه الله تعالى دافعهم الى ذلك انتمائهم الحقيقي الى تراب هذا الوطن وقدوتهم في ذلك جلالة مليكنا الشاب وملكتنا المحبوبه , حيث يقومون بجمع التبرعات من المقربين اليهم واعادة توزيع هذه الأموال على اشخاص يتم دراسة اوضاعهم بعنايه فائقه على مبدأ بدل ان تعطيه سمكه علمه الصيد , تحت شعار بصمتك حتعلم وتحت مظلة الجامعه التي يدرسون بها , وهم يطمحون ان يستقلوا بفكرتهم على امل الأستمرار بها بعد التخرج هؤلاء الفتيه بحاجه ماسه ان تمتد اليهم يد الدوله وان تجعل مشروعهم الرائع هذا مثالا يحتذى وذلك بعيدا عن الروتين والقوانين العقيمه المتعلقه بالجمعيات الخيريه وغيرها بحيث يبقى مشروعهم هذا ضمن القوانين وان تعمم الفكره على باقي طلابنا وطالباتنا حتى ينمو اولادنا على الكثير من معاني الخير والأنتماء الحقيقي للوطن فهل لهم من معين ايها المسؤلين الشرفاء


No Face No Communication

Here is another experimental challenge I'm doing..
for this week, my friend Tala Zabalawi and I are going to live a week without any communication tool..

no mobiles, no telephones, no msn, no facebook, no emails, no exception..

We believe in face to face communication and only it..

We will lose some time doing things that we would easily plan on phone.. We will miss far people.. we will do it the oldie style..
And above all.. We will still be smiling if we had to wait 2 hours for a friend.. or if we had to drive to a relative only to find that s/he is not home...

The face is the door to the mind.
Without it, the mind is shut off. There is no communication.
- Mr. Okuyama (Tatsuya Nakadai) in The Face of Another

'The Face of Another' is a Japanese done in 1966..
it describes the journey of a man who has a disfigured face and is struggling with his daily communication..
This only proves that with NO FACE NO COMMUNICATION..

>>> here is the my outcomes =)




حكاية الجـنّـيـــة

غازي القصيبي

في هذا الكتاب يعرض القصيبي قصة عن زواج بين انسي و جنية. عن هذه الحياة المختلطة التي يعيشها البطل "ضاري الضبيع" عن هذه المغامرة الجنية الشيقة التي خاضها .

كان ضاري شاب سعودي يعيش في غربة لاستكمال دراسته في علم الانسان، التي مع الفضول و البحث كبرت لتشمل علم الجن و الشياطين. عكس أيض الكاتب بعضا من الأفكار التي تراود هذه الفية من الشباب و بعضا من تصرفاتهم الطائشة.

يدور حوار تلو الاخر بين ضاري و الجن ، وفي كل حوار كنت التمس السخرية الموجودة في عالمنا الإنسي.. كانت تُعرض من نظرة الجن،من مفاهيمهم وأبعادهم.

السخرية كانت مستمرة طوال الرحلة.. تجسدت السخرية في الوصايا التي كان يدرسها أحد علماء الجن المستأنسة.. كانت الأولى تفول "أن ما يحكم سلوك الانس هو على الترتيب الجنس ثم السلطة ثم المال". وكانت الثانية تقول "لا تتوقع من إنسي الاعتراف بالجميل".

و في تفصيلات الكاتب و سطوره كنت أجد التهكمات الطريفة.. منها ما كان يشير الى أن الإنس يسعوون وراء النكد و اخر كان يلمح الى استحالة تو قع ردود الفعل الانسية.
كل الوصايا والتهكمات كانت تحمل شيئا من الصحة، التي كـ ضاري يحاول كل الإنس إنكارها..

فنظرة لعالمنا من عالم اخر لابد وأن تحوي ما يثير فضولنا..
في رأي كان للحكاية معنى اخر وأقوى من مجرد تواصل بين الجن والنس.. كان يعرض نظرة الرجل للمرأة.. كان على ضاري أن يختار المرأة المثالية.. بين خيار الجنية المطيعة أو الأمريكية المدللة أو ابنة العم الصغيرة .. كانت رحلته حافلة

فمع الجنية عاش حياة هنيئة تحققت فيها أمانيه قبل أن يطلبه.. فمل من المثالية "كعادة ابناء ادم"

ومع الأمريكية كانت توقعاتهما مختلفة، هي أرادت الزوج المساعد في البيت والدنجوان في تصرفاته، وهو كان يحن لأيام الجنية العربية

ومع ابنة العم كان زواجا تقليديا مجبرا من العائلة على كلاهما، كانت طموحاته بالعودة للغربة أما هي فبراءتها وصغر سنها لم يسمحا لها بترك أهلها.

ولوو أن الكاتب كان يلقننا المعلومة تلقينا في بعض الأحيان..فقد وجدت الحكاية ممتعة.. دامت بين يدي أقل من أسبوع.. ومن أجمل ما فيها أنها تحوي معلومات حقيقية من مراجع مختلفة..

توفي الدكتور قبل ثلالثة أسابيع – تغمدك الله برحمته يا دكتور غازي القصيبي.


End of Obsession

End of Obsession
here is the story of an end..
The story started with looking on the floor and finding this small item that became a fascinating toy..

Push the two ends closer and a little spark will stink the person holding the short wire.. I played it on myself and others.. some shouted, some laughed, and some cursed me ..

This fun game started when I found this item for the first time in the university campus.. and from that day on.. I found these several times in various places..
They became my lucky penny on the lying on the floor waiting me.. my collection included 7 of them. I always wondered what are they.. I thought, a small part of an important machine that exists everywhere - even in the refugee camp –.

I collected one after the other.. I hunted them wherever they were.. and I shared playing them with whoever was with me..

I thought about googling them to know their origins.. but I didn’t know what to google for.. a small cubicle black button with a wire, wouldn’t make sense.

This story has an unfortunate ending.. this obsession ended when I found it again with my friend.. I started mentioning the admire and mystery I hold towards it.. and she had the answers to my questions..

A part of a lighter.. smokers leftovers.. that was all I needed to know.. and that explained the everywhere existence!

And here all the admiration, love and mystery were put to an end.


3alina o 3alikom

Done by Anonymous


hope it reaches you in good health and a fresh start..

light up your windows and heat your oil..

and remeber that after maghrib adan with 3min you'll be stuffed.. so go easy on filling your dish ;)


Freedom Vs. Choice

Do more choices mean more freedom?? A new thought!



Karekeeb.. a flea market now in jordan..

this idea started 2 months ago.. this was the 2nd time they do it.. it is initiated by the ' Khebrat Women Society' which is a newly established cooperative with the objective of supporting senior professional women of Jordan through implementing for-profit projects and executing several development activities for their benefit.

"" Sell things you no more need but in good shape ......or visit the market and buy what they don't need.""

we were there presenting بصمتك حتعلم to support gaza grefugee camp.. and 20% of the total event earnings were dedicated to our campaign..

Alghad news paper wrote an article about the whole event and about us specificly..

thanks for everyone who was behind it.. thanks to Ms. Sawsan al ghul..


Going Veggie

I'll be checking my life list and writing reviews on the accomplished tasks.

For now, a new item added on my life list by practicing it directly,
Going vegetarian

My friend watched this movie on how cruel animals are killed to fill our stomachs.. she cried her heart out, and decided to go vegetarian for a month. According to her calculations she will be saving at least a chicken a week..

I didn’t watch the movie yet, but I decided to go along with her in this journey. Though my perspective is different.
I'm doing this month for 3 reasons:

A) Live and experiment this life style.

B) This month of no meat no chicken might and should introduce me to new dishes that I would've never have tried if I had the option.
e.g. Sushi, the idea of eating raw fish repulse me, but this is a golden chance for new experiments.

C) See how my body would react to this change.. is it a healthier choice or will I lose my energy?

This diet exclude meat and chicken only.. Dairy products are allowed. ((a previous attempt to eliminate cheese from my diet for a week failed)).

We will be sharing new recipes and supporting tips.. its going to be hard to let go of the Shawerma..
God help us.

I'll be sharing the outcomes with you when this long month is put to an end .


Graduation season

This week 4 dear friends to me graduate.. and here is a letter to remember…

Dear my lovely graduates,,

I wish all the best in your lives.. Thanks for the lovely times we spent together.. may all ypur dreams come true.
Here are a few lines I picked from wise minds,,

"It takes most men five years to recover from a college education, and to learn that poetry is as vital to thinking as knowledge. "
~Brooks Atkinson, Once Around the Sun, 1951

-- The first part is amusing, inshAllah you'll be from the minority of men =)

"Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues. "
~Author Unknown

-- Good luck with the rest of your education ;) as my mum always says: 'منّه لأعلى يا رب'

"Your families are extremely proud of you. You can't imagine the sense of relief they are experiencing. This would be a most opportune time to ask for money."
~Gary Bolding

-- as Mrs. Gray says.. try it, you never know ;D

To those of you who received honors, awards and distinctions, I say well done. And to the 'C' students, I say you too may one day be President of the United States.
- George W. Bush

-- My dear sis you have an equal chance :D

"You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the guy who'll decide where to go. "
~Dr. Seuss

-- as good or as ugly as you see it !

With loads of love,


What makes you smile?

For World Mental Health Day on Saturday 10th October, the BBC is urging the nation to smile its way to better mental health.

I smile at the smallests silliest details,, I smile when I observe surroundings,, I smile at peoples' unconscious reactions,, I even smile at myself..
I often look crazy..

So,What makes you smile?


والبصمة تكبر

الحمد لله
بعد ترتيب و فصل الملابس
تم توزيع الملابس في مخيم غزة في جرش..
أهل المخيم يشكرون كل من تبرع بملابسه و ساعد في ايصالها لهم
شكرا للجميع

المزيد من الصور


بصمتك حتعلم - sorting clothes

Today our event was sorting and organizing clothes..

We were surprised by the amount of clothes we could gather in few days.. we announced the event on Facebook and asked friends and volunteers to help..

We separated clothes based on gender and size and then packed each outfit speratly..

7amdillah, it was a huge success and we could finish all the packing in one day.. we started at 12 o'cklock and managed to get out of there by 6 o'cklock..

Thanks for everyone who donated, helped or supported :D

We will visit Gaza camp in about two weeks.. and until then we will keep collecting and sorting :D

first stage - sorting

Group work

Crazy shoe sorting

The silent dedication

The final packages-part of them

Amazing volunteers.. ((and alot more behind stage))



بَصمتك حتعلّم

بَصمتك حتعلّم
حملة لمساعدة أهل مخيم غزة في الأردن

my friends and i started this campaign.. i'm going to post a series of updates about this campaign..
you can visit it on Facebook :

..بصمة من الأمل.. بصمة لصنع بسمة.. بصمة لتحقيق الأحلام

Our campaign is about this place
Where life is different..
Houses are roofless..
Children are wise..
Toys are broken..
Trash is everywhere..
It smells like sewage..
And it’s bursting with sickness..

Here you will be shocked to find people living..
They are surviving each minute..
Struggling to live..

We TOGETHER will change this..
..هدفنا نترك أثر.. هدفنا نمنح فرص.. بَصمتك حتعلّم

We are Lina Melhem - Tala Zabalawi - Saja Muzaini,
3 students in the German jordanian university,, and we organized this campaign to support humanity !
We thank Dr Safa'a Shweihat for supporting and giving us the opportunity.

we will be collecting money from now on!!!
whenever you find us.. whatever you want to give..
we can arrange to meet..
Contact us on :
07 88 44 16 37


ASMAHANiat أسمهان

2d papercut animation.. usuing after effects..
this project reflects the effect of asmahan the egyptian singer on people everywhere!


Beep Beep

Beep Beep.. by Simone White..
this is a typography animation project..


3D work

here are some samples of my 3D modeling work::
i built them using Cinema4D..




modeling rooms:


A New Way 'e-way'

i'm currently taking a Communicatin Theory course..
I have to say that i love this subject..
it's an eye opening.. in the class we get to discuss the media on so many deffierent depths.. we talk aboout history, future, economy, politics, and relegion.. its a free-discussion class...

in this particular class.. our lecturer Arch.Rusaila Bazlamit chose to teach us in new ways.. we entered the e-learning technology..

we don't submit printed researches or CDs.. We have an online network called 'Fusionists' ..this network shows our progress and speaks our voices..its our porfolio.

their we send our weekly assignment..we write reviews and feedbacks.. we upload our videos and photos.. for the midterm we had an assignment along with the exam, a video reflecting how new media affect us.

we read a very interesting book "THE MEDUIM IS THE MASSAGE" by Marshall Mcluhan a very interesting book that was written in the 60s and descrribes the new media of TODAY!
i would recommend anybody who is interested in media to read this book.

and a big plus for this e-learning is that its flexablie in all the dimentions.. we support the ideas with images, videos and sound.. and it even reached the time dimention.. we have flexable deadlines... did we ever hear about a deadline for any project at 12 p.m?? well, that would be ours..

i have to say that the new media is domenating nowadays.. its growing fast.. and weather we accept it or refuse it, we are part of it..

Thanks miss Rusaila for this opportunity.. we now FEEEL the media :D


New Media effect

a video I created to show how NEW MEDIA affect people.

this was an assignment i took in the Communication Theory subject..

here is the assignment's question:



Another perspective on Taxis in Jordan.


-- if only I can whistle!! --

full or vacant??
no, no, its occupied I can see a shadow of a short head ..

Riding a Taxi is an adventure; waiting, anticipating and not knowing what your destiny will unfold!!
-a dramatic view-

This journey might start as soon as you reach the street, or as far as the same duration that would have taken walking to your destination!

You might make friends while waiting in the queue-less street.. but usually its enemies who steal your Taxi :S

A clean fresh smiling car with a neat young driver,, A wise old grandpa with loads of wisdom and knowledge to share,, A mid-age man who is curious to know every detail about the future of his daughters reflected in my life,, Or Abu Sarsar the 7fartaly guy picking his teeth with a toothpick and listing to the local hit song..

If your ride was early morning you will be lucky to start the day with HayatFM and the Holy Quran. However, if u woke up a bit late you will be accompanied with mhammad al wakeel describing the stone on Irbid’s highway that caused traffic jam.. and at night, Nancy ajram and elissa are there to shake your ride.

Sometimes as a bonus, you might be lucky to have company in your ride! –which is awkwardly entertaining -

Here is a scope of how entertaining taxies could be = )

Ref: aramram-tv


Google Population Count... !!!!




Move is a couse i took about how to become a volunteer.. how to utilize your energy to help people around you..
a very interesting couse that contained 6 sessions during 3 weeks..

-more pictures by maiada al-masri-

a few lines to about MOVE...

The move program is generously inspiring.. it was fun, beneficial and amusing.. its mixture of activities and lectures engaged us in all possible ways.
The amount of motivation we got was unlimited.. support was the core .. enthusiasm was the spirit.. it was enriching in all its stories, examples and assignments..
and the spirit of the lecturers reflected its essence..

"It’s all about giving, I learned.. and the evidence is this course!"
Thanks MOVE !



Yesterday, I was eating a delicious macaroni salad at my friend’s house..
It contained macaroni, lettuce, and some unidentified chunks.. I was told that they are pieces of green apple when I asked..
I continued enjoying the salad.until,,,

my friend asked me: “do you like them?”

I said: “they are weird that’s all.. I’m still going to eat them!”

My friend: “it’s either you like them or you don’t!!”

Me: “ I don’t!”

And just after I stated that, I couldn’t stand to eat another chunk!

** Today’s advice : Somethings are better left unidentified!


The Button

How bad would it be to push this button?? I don’t think of it as a selfish gesture.. it’s just that with the ten million a person can help more than ten people to have better health or even better lives!
Sorry if it sounds evil.. but, I would choose to push the button if I had the chance!