بصمتك حتعلم - sorting clothes

Today our event was sorting and organizing clothes..

We were surprised by the amount of clothes we could gather in few days.. we announced the event on Facebook and asked friends and volunteers to help..

We separated clothes based on gender and size and then packed each outfit speratly..

7amdillah, it was a huge success and we could finish all the packing in one day.. we started at 12 o'cklock and managed to get out of there by 6 o'cklock..

Thanks for everyone who donated, helped or supported :D

We will visit Gaza camp in about two weeks.. and until then we will keep collecting and sorting :D

first stage - sorting

Group work

Crazy shoe sorting

The silent dedication

The final packages-part of them

Amazing volunteers.. ((and alot more behind stage))


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  1. an Awesome day with awesome ppl :) i loved the blog and looking forward to read more of yours Saja :)