I have moved

Just like what I have been doing for the past three years.. moving from a place to another..

It’s time to move on here ,
I’m taking all the new to come thoughts and work to my new blog at wordpress..
There I will continue posting my work, ideas, inspirations.. if you would like to keep hearing from me,, then follow me to




If I were born somewhere else..

have you ever wondered what kind of person you will be if you were born in some other country or content??
How would it affect your health? death? employment? or even oil consumption?

here is if it were my home , a website to compare the other posibilites of living in another place..

It highlights the positives and negatives in the comparison. What is interesting also, is that it places the maps of both countries on top of each other so that you could imagine the area difference..

Enjoy comparing =)


What is Intel ?

or better said, What is Advertising?



and you would have thought it's not...
think again !