End of Obsession

End of Obsession
here is the story of an end..
The story started with looking on the floor and finding this small item that became a fascinating toy..

Push the two ends closer and a little spark will stink the person holding the short wire.. I played it on myself and others.. some shouted, some laughed, and some cursed me ..

This fun game started when I found this item for the first time in the university campus.. and from that day on.. I found these several times in various places..
They became my lucky penny on the lying on the floor waiting me.. my collection included 7 of them. I always wondered what are they.. I thought, a small part of an important machine that exists everywhere - even in the refugee camp –.

I collected one after the other.. I hunted them wherever they were.. and I shared playing them with whoever was with me..

I thought about googling them to know their origins.. but I didn’t know what to google for.. a small cubicle black button with a wire, wouldn’t make sense.

This story has an unfortunate ending.. this obsession ended when I found it again with my friend.. I started mentioning the admire and mystery I hold towards it.. and she had the answers to my questions..

A part of a lighter.. smokers leftovers.. that was all I needed to know.. and that explained the everywhere existence!

And here all the admiration, love and mystery were put to an end.


3alina o 3alikom

Done by Anonymous


hope it reaches you in good health and a fresh start..

light up your windows and heat your oil..

and remeber that after maghrib adan with 3min you'll be stuffed.. so go easy on filling your dish ;)


Freedom Vs. Choice

Do more choices mean more freedom?? A new thought!



Karekeeb.. a flea market now in jordan..

this idea started 2 months ago.. this was the 2nd time they do it.. it is initiated by the ' Khebrat Women Society' which is a newly established cooperative with the objective of supporting senior professional women of Jordan through implementing for-profit projects and executing several development activities for their benefit.

"" Sell things you no more need but in good shape ......or visit the market and buy what they don't need.""

we were there presenting بصمتك حتعلم to support gaza grefugee camp.. and 20% of the total event earnings were dedicated to our campaign..

Alghad news paper wrote an article about the whole event and about us specificly..

thanks for everyone who was behind it.. thanks to Ms. Sawsan al ghul..