End of Obsession

End of Obsession
here is the story of an end..
The story started with looking on the floor and finding this small item that became a fascinating toy..

Push the two ends closer and a little spark will stink the person holding the short wire.. I played it on myself and others.. some shouted, some laughed, and some cursed me ..

This fun game started when I found this item for the first time in the university campus.. and from that day on.. I found these several times in various places..
They became my lucky penny on the lying on the floor waiting me.. my collection included 7 of them. I always wondered what are they.. I thought, a small part of an important machine that exists everywhere - even in the refugee camp –.

I collected one after the other.. I hunted them wherever they were.. and I shared playing them with whoever was with me..

I thought about googling them to know their origins.. but I didn’t know what to google for.. a small cubicle black button with a wire, wouldn’t make sense.

This story has an unfortunate ending.. this obsession ended when I found it again with my friend.. I started mentioning the admire and mystery I hold towards it.. and she had the answers to my questions..

A part of a lighter.. smokers leftovers.. that was all I needed to know.. and that explained the everywhere existence!

And here all the admiration, love and mystery were put to an end.

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