New Chat Abbreviations

Baby steps on msn

Here I am chatting with my friend on msn.. and my niece (joud, five years old) comes running to me, shouting “I want to write to her”.. I welcome it as it should turn interesting.. and indeed that’s how it was..

She writes on the keyboard silently and I enter it for her.. then I ask what did you mean by that joud.
She reads her smartly abbreviated phrase I laught and then re-write it so my friend could share this laughter =)

We start off:
introducing herself:

Joud: joud5daniolb6
**consider thinking before you read the intended meaning**
>> joud 5 then I will be 6

Like all kids, her second priority is of course her parents’ names
then some winks and face

>> can u bring for saja a gift

Joud: ablos01midimtanuo
>> a blouse 10 medium thank you

My friend asks: "tell saja to bring me a gift"
Joud: otuwnt
>>wut u want?

she is now looking for any question.. so this is what she tought of:
Joud: what anmls et
>> wut animals eat?

Joud: wurulf
>> y r u laughing.

My Friend: "do you watch barny ?:
Joud: no i dont
(( I now taught her about spaces..)) This is the most fascinating part;
on paper when we start learning to write we measure a space with a finger..
so in her mind it should be just the same..
she writes ‘I’ then presses the spacebar.. but of course this is not enough so she places her finger on the screen and presses one more time and then another one and another.. but still it’s not enough, she gets bored pressing single spaces one at a time..
smiling & admiring her reaction.. I let her into the secret of the space rule.. “one is enough”!

“ilv uoy” Joud wrote before.. and now she wanted to state her love for both of us..
Joud: ilv uoyandsaja
Somehow, spontaneously innocently, she asks me if she could duplicate what she wrote minutes ago and place it again here..
I was just amazed by her question as much as of the human brain.. how could she recognize the copy and paste technique at this age??
I show her and she understands it easily and continues normally.. how silly of me to expect a surprised response !!

My Friend: "i want to go joud"
Joud: ora
Joud was devastated to know this fact.. she was nagging and asking me to convince my friend not to leave

Joud: wat amnt
>>wait a min
but my friend had already left..

I'm sad as Joud is for the end of this conversation..


آراء و أقلام

..بقلم وليد المزرعاوي

آراء و أقلام

بصمتك حتعلم ...

الإثنين, 25 تشرين الأول 2010
زاد الاردن - مجموعه رائعه من الشباب الأردني ما زالوا على مقاعد الدراسه الجامعيه التقيتهم مصادفه في منزل احد الأصدقاء يحملون هموم المواطن ويعملون جاهدين في المساعده على حل مشاكل بعض جيوب الفقر المنتشره هنا وهناك على تراب هذا الوطن الغالي وذلك بجهود فرديه وبعمل تطوعي خالص لوجه الله تعالى دافعهم الى ذلك انتمائهم الحقيقي الى تراب هذا الوطن وقدوتهم في ذلك جلالة مليكنا الشاب وملكتنا المحبوبه , حيث يقومون بجمع التبرعات من المقربين اليهم واعادة توزيع هذه الأموال على اشخاص يتم دراسة اوضاعهم بعنايه فائقه على مبدأ بدل ان تعطيه سمكه علمه الصيد , تحت شعار بصمتك حتعلم وتحت مظلة الجامعه التي يدرسون بها , وهم يطمحون ان يستقلوا بفكرتهم على امل الأستمرار بها بعد التخرج هؤلاء الفتيه بحاجه ماسه ان تمتد اليهم يد الدوله وان تجعل مشروعهم الرائع هذا مثالا يحتذى وذلك بعيدا عن الروتين والقوانين العقيمه المتعلقه بالجمعيات الخيريه وغيرها بحيث يبقى مشروعهم هذا ضمن القوانين وان تعمم الفكره على باقي طلابنا وطالباتنا حتى ينمو اولادنا على الكثير من معاني الخير والأنتماء الحقيقي للوطن فهل لهم من معين ايها المسؤلين الشرفاء


No Face No Communication

Here is another experimental challenge I'm doing..
for this week, my friend Tala Zabalawi and I are going to live a week without any communication tool..

no mobiles, no telephones, no msn, no facebook, no emails, no exception..

We believe in face to face communication and only it..

We will lose some time doing things that we would easily plan on phone.. We will miss far people.. we will do it the oldie style..
And above all.. We will still be smiling if we had to wait 2 hours for a friend.. or if we had to drive to a relative only to find that s/he is not home...

The face is the door to the mind.
Without it, the mind is shut off. There is no communication.
- Mr. Okuyama (Tatsuya Nakadai) in The Face of Another

'The Face of Another' is a Japanese done in 1966..
it describes the journey of a man who has a disfigured face and is struggling with his daily communication..
This only proves that with NO FACE NO COMMUNICATION..

>>> here is the my outcomes =)