No Communication Experience

The No Face No Communication Week:

"but one thing is for sure, how ever text communications lead the world, you won’t get the pleasure of speech, I mean original form of human interaction."
-- Srivathsan G.K

Now for the actual experience from this week:

There is no doubt that it was pretty hard to live without any far communication tool, in my case living far from family in a dorm without roommates was tricky, usually when I’m bored I would just pick up my phone and call anybody.. So, living without contact and plans was definitely tough.
No facebook meant no knowledge about the current events in the town which led to more isolated days..

Friends were mad and certainly –unlike me- were not willing to pay a visit to check on something or ask a question.. I even had some threats not to think about doing it again!

On the other hand,
I had more adventurous activities, spontaneous plans and better appointments.. It was not possible to cancel on a last minute on an appointment that I sat days ago. Therefore, I was forced to have better organized schedule..
No mobile phone meant a lifetime of comfort.. As my dad phrased it “ايش بابا..قررت تضربي العالم جزمة؟؟!”

No annoying phone calls nor distractions… just me and myself..
In this week, I also started reading in two books that I bought long ago.. I also changed my second homepage from facebook to Aljazeera news.. And I kept until now..
I had more free time to live with myself.. Make friends with the inner me.. And I must say that I enjoyed it and got a bit crazier to the outer world =)

The idea is to realize and prove to yourself that you could live without anything in your life.. to change your daily habits and find other approaches to solving problems..

The thing is, the world doesn’t expect nor accept a person who doesn’t use far communication tools.. Nowadays, all appointments are set over the phone.. Actually mobile phones are used to substitute calendars, watches, books, doorbells in my case, and sometimes even our memory.. we no longer tend to memorize, we just save a draft message or capture a photo..
I was the only one from my friends who completed my week.. one stopped after 2 days the other after 4 and my beloved friend Tala who suggested the whole idea stopped after 6 days therefore, she was punished by cooking me a delicious yalanji meal =D –which until now I didn’t receive –

I can fairly say that I enjoyed this week with all its ups and downs.. and I do recommend it for anybody seeking a change in his/her life..

And for now, I’ll be looking for a bigger harder Challenge ;)


  1. Congrats for completing the challenge. Maybe we should decrease our usage to a bear minimum.

    I would enjoy a spontaneous life, but the thing is, you need the whole world to follow suit. :)

    But I still believe it's doable.

  2. that's true.. but its nice to go against the flow every now and then =)