A New Way 'e-way'

i'm currently taking a Communicatin Theory course..
I have to say that i love this subject..
it's an eye opening.. in the class we get to discuss the media on so many deffierent depths.. we talk aboout history, future, economy, politics, and relegion.. its a free-discussion class...

in this particular class.. our lecturer Arch.Rusaila Bazlamit chose to teach us in new ways.. we entered the e-learning technology..

we don't submit printed researches or CDs.. We have an online network called 'Fusionists' ..this network shows our progress and speaks our voices..its our porfolio.

their we send our weekly assignment..we write reviews and feedbacks.. we upload our videos and photos.. for the midterm we had an assignment along with the exam, a video reflecting how new media affect us.

we read a very interesting book "THE MEDUIM IS THE MASSAGE" by Marshall Mcluhan a very interesting book that was written in the 60s and descrribes the new media of TODAY!
i would recommend anybody who is interested in media to read this book.

and a big plus for this e-learning is that its flexablie in all the dimentions.. we support the ideas with images, videos and sound.. and it even reached the time dimention.. we have flexable deadlines... did we ever hear about a deadline for any project at 12 p.m?? well, that would be ours..

i have to say that the new media is domenating nowadays.. its growing fast.. and weather we accept it or refuse it, we are part of it..

Thanks miss Rusaila for this opportunity.. we now FEEEL the media :D


New Media effect

a video I created to show how NEW MEDIA affect people.

this was an assignment i took in the Communication Theory subject..

here is the assignment's question:



Another perspective on Taxis in Jordan.


-- if only I can whistle!! --

full or vacant??
no, no, its occupied I can see a shadow of a short head ..

Riding a Taxi is an adventure; waiting, anticipating and not knowing what your destiny will unfold!!
-a dramatic view-

This journey might start as soon as you reach the street, or as far as the same duration that would have taken walking to your destination!

You might make friends while waiting in the queue-less street.. but usually its enemies who steal your Taxi :S

A clean fresh smiling car with a neat young driver,, A wise old grandpa with loads of wisdom and knowledge to share,, A mid-age man who is curious to know every detail about the future of his daughters reflected in my life,, Or Abu Sarsar the 7fartaly guy picking his teeth with a toothpick and listing to the local hit song..

If your ride was early morning you will be lucky to start the day with HayatFM and the Holy Quran. However, if u woke up a bit late you will be accompanied with mhammad al wakeel describing the stone on Irbid’s highway that caused traffic jam.. and at night, Nancy ajram and elissa are there to shake your ride.

Sometimes as a bonus, you might be lucky to have company in your ride! –which is awkwardly entertaining -

Here is a scope of how entertaining taxies could be = )

Ref: aramram-tv


Google Population Count... !!!!




Move is a couse i took about how to become a volunteer.. how to utilize your energy to help people around you..
a very interesting couse that contained 6 sessions during 3 weeks..

-more pictures by maiada al-masri-

a few lines to about MOVE...

The move program is generously inspiring.. it was fun, beneficial and amusing.. its mixture of activities and lectures engaged us in all possible ways.
The amount of motivation we got was unlimited.. support was the core .. enthusiasm was the spirit.. it was enriching in all its stories, examples and assignments..
and the spirit of the lecturers reflected its essence..

"It’s all about giving, I learned.. and the evidence is this course!"
Thanks MOVE !