The other Extreme

here I am back to normal life after I finished the NO FACE NO COMMUNICATION challange..

I loved experiencing it =D
And now I’m reading about this artist called Cristin Norine doing the other opposite..

Cristin is an artist and took a challenge upon herself to show how much we are attached to the new social media..

She decids to live in a glass room allowing anyone walking in the street to know the little details of her daily life..

She wants to prove how much these social networks like Facebook, Twitters, iChat expose our lives invade our privacy..

She is not to leave the room.. Not to interact directly to any human beings and not to use her phone to call anybody.. She is allowed to text and video chat..

Interesting experiment for a whole full month !

she bloggs everyday and reveals her ups and downs..

Here is the website for all her experience


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