Going Veggie

I'll be checking my life list and writing reviews on the accomplished tasks.

For now, a new item added on my life list by practicing it directly,
Going vegetarian

My friend watched this movie on how cruel animals are killed to fill our stomachs.. she cried her heart out, and decided to go vegetarian for a month. According to her calculations she will be saving at least a chicken a week..

I didn’t watch the movie yet, but I decided to go along with her in this journey. Though my perspective is different.
I'm doing this month for 3 reasons:

A) Live and experiment this life style.

B) This month of no meat no chicken might and should introduce me to new dishes that I would've never have tried if I had the option.
e.g. Sushi, the idea of eating raw fish repulse me, but this is a golden chance for new experiments.

C) See how my body would react to this change.. is it a healthier choice or will I lose my energy?

This diet exclude meat and chicken only.. Dairy products are allowed. ((a previous attempt to eliminate cheese from my diet for a week failed)).

We will be sharing new recipes and supporting tips.. its going to be hard to let go of the Shawerma..
God help us.

I'll be sharing the outcomes with you when this long month is put to an end .

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