To Blog or Not to blog ??!

my first blogging :D

To Blog or not to blog..
I’m still not very sure about the whole idea of a blog..
to have a blog or not to?? What to blog?? To publish my work, ideas and thoughts or not to??
I wanted to publish everything I have done during my studies, every thought I had, every theory I believe in and each single emotion I support..
But again I thought what’s the use?? Will I help myself or others when I publish everything I go through?

I’m still not sure about the answer!!

I asked my friend whether it’s safe to publish my work without having it stolen..
She simply replied “publish it but you can’t protect it!!”
I was surprised by this reply.. I asked her again “if it’s unsafe and could easily be stolen why would I bother to publish it?”
her reply was simply” no one would steal your work”
At first, I thought she was mocking my work I know it’s not like the best work ever but still its mine and I want it to stay this way!
She made it clear by saying “I’m not mocking you..I’m mocking the society.. if your work is not porno no one would bother to steal it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Her simple answer was funny yet hurtful..

from here I’ll start and I wish this blog could help me improve myself and give others a chance to have a glance at my ideas even if it seems boring comparing to porno!!

Thank you Roqayah thanks for your support..And I wish our society would change this impression even though we both doubt it !!


  1. No ... at first you'll be hesitating ,, but shortly after ,, it will be really nice ,, when you look for stuff to post .. and news...Enjoy. lol everything is boring compared to porno.

  2. Thanks.. :D
    (i guess u know better ;P)

  3. i love u soooooj !! and i really admire your work !! mashalla keep it up (Y)